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Taxidermy (skull)


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Brian Pragle in Dansville. He does all the European mounts for most taxidermist in the area. Most guys don’t realize it tho. He does around 1200 deer skulls a year. Check out his website. Good friend of mine and Great Guy.

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On 11/27/2017 at 9:31 AM, BSmaster said:

$50 is good.  I have heard up to $200.  I just did mine.  I haven't sealed it yet.  I am letting it slow dry.  As is with everything, you can learn how to DIY on youtube.

They're not hard to do, but do take some time............. I had a nice buck ruined by a local taxi, looked like he left it out in the yard for 2 months and then rubbed the antlers with used cooking oil (they actually smelled like fries), after that I learned how to....... I think you get a pretty good product doing it via youtube methods, and you can take some pride in knowing that you did it yourself. I've done whitetails, fox, and coyotes..... and they turn out just fine.

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