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this hut is in great shape, and also included these xtras', clam  cover,ice stakes, led lighting hook up to 12 volt battery, and a homemade sled with skis., has a small half dollar size hole in the upper side,  including 2 clam patch kits    and you could share these with friends  that may have tears , 8 patches 8x8

the price is 225..  you can tell in the pics, the canvas is in new condition color not faded,  the sled is great pulls with ease, even in a foot of snow

PM me  I have some other ice equipment for sale also.. including an FL18 pro pack  with extras. rods, auger, tip ups, 

I can show whom ever purchases this hut.. work out a deal    . I some injuries, my ice days are pretty much over  thanks all


ps  that is my neighbor sitting in it.. lol   he helped me bring it out.. sorry bout the mess in the driveway lol  




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I'm sorry to hear that your ice fishing days are over. But that's one heck of a deal, and with a Smitty Sled thrown in to boot! If I didn't have an identical set-up already I'd hop on that like stink on...you know. Somebody's going to be really pleased. Where are you located? I will pass this onto a buddy of mine.

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