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Share your best catch(es) for the 2017 fishing season

Pike Hunter

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This is a similar post from last year. Please share your monsters catches in 2017.
16.15# brown. Fall LOC Brown 1st.
First fish released in 2017. Over 15#
My biggest coho.
Not from our lake, 984# black Marlin from Australia.
Dogfish Tuna, another Australia catch.
Hawaiian spearfish.
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First walleye I've ever seen with my dad on captain Jim's boat lake eire

First trip to Erie on my own for eyes on my boat with uncle and cousin

My dad with our first Canandaigua chrome

Biggest laker over the rail on my boat Cayuga lake on a 10 color

My first finger lakes brown ever with member Magill

My First lake O salmon ever with forum member magill

First fish and first laker ever caught trolling Cayuga lake and my dad's first too

My first finger lakes chrome with Johnson58

And then some pics with wife and kids and uncle with our few trips out Cayuga lake and lake Ontario and erie....awesome year can't wait for April. Hope to fish with members again this year truly had a blast20170623_081710.jpg20170924_174757.jpg20170813_134416.jpg20170703_061929.jpg20171205_113518.jpg20171205_113606.jpg20171205_113542.jpg20170704_061350.jpg20170705_083036.jpg20170705_094031.jpgreceived_1979284895727658.jpegFB_IMG_1499090789150.jpg

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Some of my best Great Lakes fish taken by boat this year. All released other than the Steelhead which fought itself to death.


-18 pound Laker, Lake Erie, May

-17 pound Laker, Lake Superior, June

-10 pound Atlantic, St. Mary's River, June

-9 pound jigged Drum, Lake Erie, July

-23 pound Laker, Lake Erie, July

-12 pound Steelhead, Lake Ontario (Olcott), August







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Dan Degeorge With the Orleans Derby 1st Place lake trout



My son with Orleans County Derby 3rd Place Lake trout and his buddy Mason with one that was on the board for a while.


Keith Tessier with the Fall LOC 10th Place Brown Trout


Sandy Creek Shootout 5th Place Box



Jim Irene with the Summer LOC 4th Place Lake TroutIMG_2273.JPG


Jim Irene with a big brown a couple days before the Summer LOC started.  IMG_2236.JPG

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2017 season was definitely quantity over quality.  Still pulled some nice-sized fish.

1. 59 lb king box solo fishing

2. Lake erie walleye haul (killed 114 fish over 4 days with two boats and a bunch of guys)

3. Biggest king of the year (only 25 lbs)






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