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Arrow wounded buck


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That’s a perfect example of what gives us educated hunters who know what we are capable of doing and put our time in with the tool we are going to be using to make a clean kill, so no one can video this type of shyt to give the animal righteous people to feed off of and make all of us look like the same azzhole that did that shot. Off the subject all those deer look under nourished which happens in a over populated deer herd in developments. Not healthy either, but when you can feed them out of your hand you have a problem that those animals righteous people don’t see, there starving deer which is alright but taking the deer out of the herd so they can be healthy, OOH no your not going to kill “MY” poor deers!!!

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Either the shot was up hill or downhill or arrow hit a twig and deflected the arrow into a crazy angle, I’d personally think it was a Pizza poor shot period. The arrow was way to back on the deer in the first place. Strongly going against my grain of hunting ethics!!!:puke:

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I am guessing the deer was laying down and a hunter walked up on it and hurriedly shot at it thinking it was a true wild deer that was not accustomed to eating out of human hands.  The deer probably didn't know what the h e l l  was going on.


I know everyone sees something different when watching the video but my intent was to show the deers natural healing power and perhaps help alleviate some concerns about wounding deer.  It is one of the worst feelings to know you hit a deer, potentially killing it, and can not harvest it.  I acknowledge the fact that there were no predators in the video so it is not an accurate presentation of real life but it is because of that detail that she could document so accurately.  Yes, it was a terrible shot - 100% agree on that.


I have butchered deer that had completely healed over wounds where the hide showed no evidence of a previous puncture and there was scar tissue encapsulating a big tube of white blood cells.  I just butchered one last night where the fixed broadhead went down thru the tender loin and into the meaty part of the scapula region.  There was still a hole in the hide which showed the shap of the broad head and the scarring was intense.  The only active white blood cells oozing was around a matte of hair lodged in its tenderloin.  No gang green and no foul smell.  Depending on the winter, the deer probably would have survived. 

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