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Upgrading to a Bayliner 2452 express. It’s a compromise between my wife and me. That having a large cabin is best for her and my daughter and a decent fishing platform with a hard top. It’s a big difference from my 17ft walk thru. Going to mount planer board reels on each side of hard top with pulleys running towards to front of hard top. My question how would rod trees work with big boards. Looking at High Seas quad trees with the 10 degree dipsy holder at the bottom. It will take up a lot less space. I usually only see guys running inline boards with trees. My normal spring brown spread is 2 rods each side on boards with 2 riggers unless the board bite is prevailing then 3 board rods. Mid to late season 2 riggers and lead core and my new coppers on boards no more than 1 rod per side with a wire dipsy. My spring rods 7’6 for browns and copper and core rods 8’6” and 10ft dipsy Rods to clear down riggers easily. I’d like to run a 3rd rigger down the center but that’s out of my reality this season. The only thing I don’t like about the horizontal high sea quad rod holder you can’t turn the dipsy rod holder forward like I do now with my individual rod holders. Unless they can give you a holder that has the 10 degree angle on one of the quad holders. Usually the dipsy bite is a violent wack compared to a rigger or core bite. I almost lost a wire setup once now I bungee it just in case.

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