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Yankee Sandy report 8/29-8/30

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Definetly not on fire.....BUT on the way in today it looked like things might be setting up!!!! Lots of bait and a ton of BIG hooks hanging down 150 over 200. Temp was there too. Maybe a good morning bite inside tomorrow. Anyway heres how I fared the last two days:

8/29 - We started out in front of Sandy creek around 6am. Setup in 30fow due to heavy fog and a lot of boat traffic. We trolled north and only took 1 shaker on the 125 wire pulling a NK Mulatto mag. Once out around 300 fow the picture on our furuno started to look a lot better. It didn't take long after that to find a group of fish that wanted to play. We would take another 9 bites ranging from our 150' wires to 10 colors of lead, but most fish came off our riggers. On our cores we had a couple of fish take a black spinny pulling an A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly. Our wires would each take a fish. One was pulling a NK Mag Copper NBK and the other was with a NK 28 Coyote. Our riggers were firing with NK 42nd spoons, both mags and 28's, and Dreamweaver SS glow froggies. Two salmon, one which was about 13lbs, and the rest were nice steelies.

8/30 - Well, I thought yesterday was tough but today topped that! I guess you cant always take 15-25 bites, but I sure did take those days for granted. We went 6 for 7 all steelhead, biggest being around 8lbs, with a skipper king tossed into the mix. We figured it would be worth it to skip the inside waters and head right out to the spot we fished yesterday. We stopped short by about a half a mile and the screen was lit up! Fish from 30-150 down. I set up half a Salmon program and half a Steelhead program. By the time I was set up and we turned on that screen it was gone! So, I quickly re-rigged for steelies. The first rod to fire was my 10 color pulling that Hammertime Spinny with an A-TOM-MIK Pro/Am Glow fly. I went to release it off the otter boat and the leadcore breaks 4 inches from the knot. Well there goes that one! We waited till almost 11am till our next bite and we had a very slow pick till we quit around 2:30. The other 10 color would fire with a black spinny/ A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly. Then the wire out 150 on a 1.5 setting started throbbing with a shaker steelie that took a white spinny pulling an A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly. Then the corner riggers took over. One with a Dreamweaver SS called "Da Shiznit" and a Dreamweaver SS Area 51. Our center rigger would take a small king with a Dreamweaver SS Glow Froggy. I went through more spoon colors today trying to find something they wanted to eat that it was frustrating.

Talked to a guy at the Oak and there were some majors in that tight water all day from right out front and to the east. He pulled a couple, but it wasnt fast and furious. So maybe thats a sign of things to come.

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