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Releases for copper and leadcore.

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 Wondering what was the preferred planner board release  for Copper and leadcore. I'm using Cannon offshore releases I happened to have but figured there must be other releases that will hold them.
Thanks, Rick

Scotty power grip I just got for my coppers. I have been using krazywolf mini for my leadcores only thing about the krazywolf mini’s is I had some false releases on 7 to 10 cores in 2’ rollers with flasher/ fly. They won’t pull a 11” paddle with a 3 fly meat rigs. Hopefully the larger Scotty’s is the cure

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We've got setups of varying lengths of core, so we are putting the releases on the braid backing.

If you only had limited rods, say just a 5 color, you can compensate for the needed changes in depth by

using snap weights on the core itself.



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