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Oswego 08/30/2008

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Got back up to Wright's Marina with my cousin late Friday night and spent time at the docks relaxing. Sat. morning up at 4:30a but had to wait till 6 so cuz could get his derby ticket. On the water @ 7 & headed out. Marked a lot of fish in 40-60 fow so we spun back and set up with 2 dipsey rods and 2 riggers with spoon & j-plug.. Cuz caught the 12 pounder on the wonderbread J-plug within 5 min of setting up. Spent the next hour in the skinny water with no hits so went out to 140-150 fow & we each landed a 22 pounder. One on a dalmation J-plug off the rigger & the other on a white/green spinny/green fly set up off the dipsey. Started getting a little bumpy out there around 3PM so we headed back to the slip & had a few cold ones and talked to the guys at the marina. Things are starting to pick up on the east end of the lake. No derby fish for us, but had a great time.



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Nice report muskybob but it may have been just as well you didn't hook a derby fish. I think you can not buy a ticket on the same day you catch a derby fish you would have to buy the ticket the day before. But they may have changed that rule we didn't enter it this year. Good luck net time out there.

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