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Maine Moose Lottery


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On 1/12/2018 at 12:30 PM, WickedGood said:

Maine Moose Lottery.


who is getting into the Maine Moose Lottery for 2018?  I'm thinking of getting a ticket but not physically able to do a Moose Hunt by myself.

Moose b.jpg

You draw a tag you won't have any trouble getting someone to go with you! LOL

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1 minute ago, whaler1 said:

How does it work?

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Draw not open yet I believe it starts in spring usually ends middle of May.  Just apply on-line.  I believe you can still have two hunters on a tag also in Maine

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When they open the Lottery, you can buy tickets online.  There is a Permittee and a Sub Permittee and also Alternate Subpermitees.


Only the Permit Tag holder or the Sub Permittee may shoot the Moose.  Both People must hunt together. You can both shoot at the same moose if you want. But ONLY One Moose.


As many people that would like can join in on the Hunt and you could have 100 people out scouting and helping with the Moose after it is shot. 


Lots of nice places to Camp in Maine




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