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Sold / Closed Lure Inventory Reduction All Sold

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I have 5 sets of Salmon and Trout Lures for Sale

All lures are new and come as shown.


Photo 1:

Top row: Set of 6 Flutter Chucks  Asking $15.00 US for the set of 6

Second row:   Set of 8 NK C5's Asking $20.00 US for the set of 6

Third row:   Set of 10 Michigan Stingers ( STING RAY size ) Asking $25.00 US for the set of 10


Photo 2:

Rows 1 thru 3: Set of 18 NK 28's  Asking $40.00

Row 4 Set of 4 Optimisers  Asking 10.00 US

Buy one set as priced or all the sets for $85.00 US

Buyer to pay shipping


Please contact by Post or PM



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