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Extended hunt


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I was thinking of heading do to Tompkins County Saturday...I have been messing with the map trying to find spots and thought id ask if anyone has been down.  I dont want any spots but would time be better spent in one of the parks ie Buttermilk/Truman or outside of the parks?  Worth the trip?  


Thanks for any info

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I think that map may be misleading.  This was taken from the DEC website:


Available hunting lands include (links leave DEC's website):

  • Buttermilk Falls State Park (bowhunting and crossbow hunting only)
  • Robert H. Treman State Park (bowhunting and crossbow hunting only)
  • Hunters with legal access to private lands in the DMFA may also participate in the DMFA program.
  • There are no state forests or wildlife management areas within the DMFA.



It may be worth a call to the local office in Cortland.  I know the purpose of the trail was to connect Taughannok State Park to Cass Park, and it's generally pretty well-used by hikers.

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