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Gray Fox Oswego Report

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Started out Saturday morning right in front of the lighthouse with a ton of marks in 50fow. Setup and within five minutes bang, the port dipsy is up and running. After about 10 minutes the fish comes undone. Then everything that we were marking just seemed to disappear, so we fish there an hour before we pulled up and ran to Alcan. We fished for about another 5 hours and had five hook ups landing one fish, a king about 23 pounds.

Sunday morning we arrive at the marina around 4:30 to hear people talking that it was to rough to fish. After a qiuck debate on whether or not to try fishing we pulled away from the dock. As we split the east gap the lake was not bad at all, maybe 2 footers so we powered to the bouys off the nuke plant. We sat down and got set up. We took two quick kings each around 20 lbs. We bagan thinking that the day was gonna be great. What a mistake. We ended up fishing from 5-3:30 going 2 for 5. It amazes me how these fish come unhooked. We had a rigger pop, with the rod jumping violently, the fish ran out 750 feet of line, and as fast as the fish was running the reel stopped screamin and the fish was gone???

We did not fish on Monday but rigs that were most productive were a white/green dot spinny w/ b fly, a blue nbk spinny w/ g-hammer fly, and a mag NK lazer spook.

Saturday was our campgroudn derby so here are the pictures of the winners in the youth divison and the overall winners...

The Sutter Boys won the youth division


Team Fish-n-Ambition won the overall derby


Sorry for the long post but thought I would share the pic of a monster my brother and two of his buddies got north of Sandy on sunday morning. Official weight was 36.11 lbs. Its too bad they did not spend the money to get in the derby!!!


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