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Its tuff being stupid but here i am..........!!!!!!!!!!1

ray koziatek

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Ok now im really discomboberated on this gas price thing ... now ifin i remember right last summer anytime some one south of the border farted the word hurrycane came up and the price of gas jumped 15 cents overnite and if no one ate beans for two weeks the price of gas would come back down till someone farted again. So this year we get the hurrycane of the century ,shut down every rig in the gulf of mexico,gave the hurrycane some tuff russian sounding name(i think bacause of there moving troups to georgia bet the mayor of atlanta was surprised)and the price of oil droped like a round rock in a skipping contest. so go ahead and call me stupid (all my best friends do) i might just can my new invention idea of rigging a windmill on my boat to a gearbox in my outdrive and put my gas moter back in it.hmmm

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I like your idea!

One problem with it that I see is.

Lets say the windmill is on the bow of the boat and the wind is blowing at it to make it turn. Now the shaft to the out drive is turning the prop. You would need a gear box to turn the prop at least twice as fast as the mill to only move the prop. Now with the wind in your face and the current I think you will go backwards. If you change the ratio, that would get the prop going faster, but if you don’t have a gear shifter, you won’t get the boat to start moving.

Maybe a solar panel electric motor to get it started moving. Then switch over to wind mill power.

Maybe instead of the wind mill, try a stick mounted to the bow of the boat and tie a sheet on it and let the wind move you that way.

If you do this you might want to remove the out drive for less weight. Just remember to plug the hole!

Good luck with your invention!

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All that oil recently went to raise the prices in Asia... so the export prices out paced the domestic and gave us the relief at the gas pump in the form of the fart from the south.....last year it was just an excuse and political jousting points. If'n it goes down 15 cents and ya burn 100gal in a tourny fishin'... ya could prolly save 'nuff ta get some new shorts ta replace the "ONE" ya used fer yer jib sail, Ray :lol:

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