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WHY!!! Fishing certian color flasher

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On 1/25/2018 at 10:59 AM, whaler1 said:
Caught 15 perch over 2lbs each this morning on blue jigs. It was epic!!!!!

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I caught 3 dozen three pounders on pink lures with little stars and hearts painted on them.
It was unbelievable!

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Also something to digest is if you are running a spread and things are firing and you change an item in the spread and now they stopped firing maybe the item you took out of water was attracting them to bite the others. Put item you took out back down n maybe start firing again. 1 fish an HR on one rod is still better than no fish on 12 rods

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I'm not sure where you do most of your trolling, but keep in mind that what is working on the West end of the Big Lake might be something altogether different that what is working on the East end of the Big Lake. I would ask advice from those who fish in the area of the Lake that you fish most of the time. Water temp, water clarity, current,  etc... all have something to do with it. Half of the fun is figuring it out for yourself :)

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There's no doubt certain colors work better in early, mid and late season.

I don't know why, but gold, silver, blue, chartreuse are great colors early on.

Then green in mid season.

Then red/orange/purple in late season.


It almost follows the salmon colors, nice silver in May, then green backs in June/July, turning dark in August.



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We normally put a variety of colors out at the beginning of each day, and see what works. No doubt there are many days when a certain color takes preference for the fish. In general we see the colors I indicate above working as a big picture guide through the fishing season, but that isn't a steadfast rule, which is why we put a variety out.

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Remember too, that Russ is fishing on Lake Michigan, not Lake Ontario.  In the spring, on Russ's side of Lake Michigan, everyone is catching a ton of coho salmon, and red and orange are the big go to colors for them.  Almost every boat you see going out that time of year will be saddled with red dodgers/peanut flies, and orange dipsies.  When the water starts warming up, you start seeing the king colors coming out more, but orange and reds still cover about half of the rods on the Wisconsin side of lake Michigan.  Two different lakes with a totally different population density of salmon.  Many of the southern charters on the Wisconsin and Illinois side of Lake Michigan offer money back coho charters if the client's limit is not caught.  I think cohos make up way more of the summer catches on Lake Michigan than on Lake Ontario, as well, from my own experiences.  Thanks.  

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