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First solo trip on Lake Ontario....

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This past week-end was my first trip out on Lake Ontario using my boat.... Let's say it was a starting point and thing's will get better.... We only caught 2 fish Sunday and Monday but both were decent sized fish... Sat. we got a 31 1/2 lb King and Sunday we got a 12 lb Brown.... Be back up in 10 day's and try and put up some better number's..... Rich

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Both of those fish would of placed high in the LOC derby that ended yesterday. Thats a pretty good weekend if you ask me. Good job.

Yeh.... Rick "dieselhp" told me the brown might have been a $$$$ fish.... Next year will have to get in the contest.... How's the saying go???? Even a blind squirrel find's a nut every now and again.... Believe me we were LUCKY to have gotten those 2 quality fish.... As I'm sure we were doing more wrong than right.... LOL

The King hit a green and white combo flasher & fly in about 80 ft of water and the brown hit a purple and white fly with a silver white flasher in 80 ft of water....

I recently joined the site and would like to say THANK's to EVERYONE for any help given when I asked a question...

A special thank's to Rick (DieselHP) for all his help and for keeping in touch up on the lake via the VHF or Cell.... Rich

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