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Port Ontairo from 8/27 till 8/30

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Fished out of Port Ontairo from 8/27 till 8/30. Trolled 117 miles for 33 hours and three fish to show for it. Thanks to everyone’s help over the winter for the advise on my new dipsey rods. Boated one fish on them. Had the drag too tight and was ripping the swivels apart. By the time Fish Tails told me what I was doing wrong we missed 4 or 5 fish. If anyone gets them let me know how big the fish were. You will know my fish do to it will have a black dipsey, Green, white, mountain dew, or bloody death flasher and a fly in its mouth. Just don’t tell me it was a derby fish.

Two small kings and one Brown on a spoon.

Guess I will just have to go up again this weekend if Hanna the storm doesn’t go up.

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I was out there all weeknd too deisel, i didnt excactly light it up. went 6 for 9 for the weekend. Just 1 off the dipsey. I think I may have been trolling around you a few times. That red Lund. remember?

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