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Day Late and $2500 short

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Took dad and his buddy out yesterday for a few hours in the am, started right out of the chute in 55', had 2 rips on the rigger, lost both. Headed toward the area from the day before, b ut it had slowed way down. Was in the process of picking up to make a run toward the big river when I got a call from Ron. He said he figured out what they wanted, and it was SLOWWWWWW. Put the rigs back down, and slowed the boat to 1.4 on Depth Raider, and FISH ON in 5 minutes, we ended up going 4 for 7, wikth the biggest to come aboard the SEADUCKTION @ 34.04 lbs on the boat scale, snap a quick pic, and back he went. The old guys had fun, the best were echip/flies, White/Mountain Dew pulling a TG fly, Chart/Mountain Dew chip pulling a Proam FLy on the rigger, and on the 300' copper, also the LSRC custom blade with an ATOMMIK HYpnotist fly took raps also. Fished the 70-85' area west of the chute. Here are a few pics:

Dave's 25 lb king


Dad's nice fresh king:


Another one for Dave:


Dad's big boy, this pic does nothing for that fish:



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