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new sled for shanty

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Here's a thread from Iceshanty from 13 years ago where I was trying to do the same thing: https://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php?topic=27097.0


I also tried multiple fixes and ended up buying the new base. After 15 years of hard use, I figured it didn't owe me anything. Both the one I bought then and another shelter since then are still going strong. Unfortunately, I'm guessing the price has gone up a bit since 2005...


If you're lucky and post the models, maybe somebody on here has a used one with a crap tent but good base?



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20 hours ago, bondouley said:

smitty sled it is then

Definitely build a smitty sled, i have one for both my shanties as well as skis on the bottom of both. Smitty sled is the bomb for any snow/slush well worth the time and minimum I have invested in it. I was out with a friend the other day he was dragging his without the smitty and I had a my smitty he was having a rough time dragging while mine was like nothing was back there.

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I used west system epoxy with some success to repair my last jet sled. It lasted for almost an entire season...... definitely a temporary fix though as holes were on bottom of sled taking a lot wear with each use. bought a new kodiak xl at the end of that season on sale.



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