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Lowrance autopilot cable steer

Andre wallyandre

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@dbitting: Nice set-up

Be sure that both unit are running the same software version (very important)

Save wpts not necessary that you save settings because you need to start from the beginning

Put everything ON then to a autoconfiguration

Then after that go to network and sources and verify if the right sources are enable.

Once you got youre system running as it should save the settings so you won't have to start over again. But in the case you still have problem try to do a hard reset (this why you save youre waypoints on a sd card)

I can sent you my personnal cell phone # and you call me once you are in the boat. Another very impostant thing: be sure that you have 12.3 volts and more at the units.

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OK Great, I didn't mean to hijack a post here. I am waiting for my new unit to arrive and the weather to get above freezing  to try again, Currently i also have the engine out. Getting a NEW fresh 4.3L from the machine shop and adding Closed loop cooling to keep Salt out of the motor.  I will be scrambling com March as the boat don't fit into any of my buildings. Before Lowrance and engine issues I was working on a stainless frame for a hardtop. Managed to get the frame up and a fiberglass top made but still need to gelcoat and enclose the top. 

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11 hours ago, dbitting said:

A rudder feedback is not required  with the out of box setup. If you follow the instructions  during installation  the cable steer unit has the VRF mounted already when you finish install  you rotate steering full left then full right  and back to center. You remove the VRF and line up the red dots. your Rudder feed back is complete. There would be no reason to have an additional RF at $500 unless the steering is so sloppy it stay on point. I had to fuss with mine and it works great. My only mistake was i put my Point1 on the Bow and it should be at the Stern

dbitting ,


 When you installed your CABLE-STEER A/P - What did you do with the electrical cord which is wired to the VRF sensor on the Helm -1.  After you lined up the dots on the sensor,. Did you plug it into the NAC-1 or just leave it unconnected ?



Thank you

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That is correct. it connects to the rudder feedback on the NAC-1 Box. Smart actually. the gear is driven by the steering measuring the wheel position, given during setup it knows how far right and left it can move you do not need a separate device to detect position. the only problem would be having a sloppy cable would give you undesired results.

This is the simplest and least expensive Autopilot setup i have found.  pair this with a Motorguide XI5 trolling motor you would be set. Trolling motor will hold( anchor) your position or navigate just like your main motor.  Lowrance just came out with the Ghost trolling motor however i is fresh water only. 24 or 36v at the flip of a switch  with builtin auto pilot features  

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