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Conesus Ice Pike

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I'm pretty much a catch and release fisherman for Esox (certainly not keeping any at 30" or over and even then just keeping maybe 3 a year). With the ~ 12" of ice that formed on Conesus this year do you think they are still yanking the big pike (and to a lesser extent tigers) out like they used to?

 Fact despite having virtual unlimited feed, only so many > 30" to 40" pike exist in Conesus.

Note: having fished it for > 12 years I've noticed many more hammer-handles in recent years.

Your thoughts Gents,

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There are plenty of good pike still left in Conesus.  The north end does get pounded but most of the lake is unfished on the ice.  The number of small pike does seem up.  I'm glad to see that.  I started fishing Conesus in 2004 and we would never catch small pike.  The last couple seasons, there seem to be more around.  I use an underwater camera on Conesus for gills and there are tons of pike swimming around. 

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