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They are not as " hot " as they used to be in the fantastic 80's and 90's but I will run one every trip ! My best recent was a #5 [ big] flo white black ladder back [ would have won the brown trout category at 14+ lbs. in the summer derby but 2 wks late ! ]

I would start with a # 3 #4 in green black ladderback and chartreuse black ladderback . Good luck !

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9 hours ago, stillfishing said:


Looking to try some j plugs . I was wondering if people could tell me some good ones to start with. Thanks


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Green glow ladderback, wonderbread, and chrome red head is a good place to start. Plugs are great for staging Kings but dont be afraid to mix a plug or two in with any good king (or steelhead) bite. Dreamweaver Captains Choice plug in wonderbread was my #1 last year.

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