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out of IBAY tommorrow morning


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Went out this morning 6 till 10 am.  It was a bit rainy and cold but worth it.  We landed three browns and lost 5 fish 2 of which felt real nice.  I will get pics up tomorrow.  I wish I didn't have any family plans today or would've stayed out longer and I am defiantely going to be replacing some of the tired hooks on my jointed rapalas :)  !!!!  I bay launch is clear but there were 2 dead ducks and a bunch of those big shad ( I think that is what they are) dead all over the place.  It was dead and we had the place to ourselves which is always nice in the dark/rain to just get in quick.  Cant wait to get back out again.


By the way we went to Webster park and back.  Most of the fish were a bit past ship builders.

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here are some pictures.  Everything was on rapala and bass pro xps top water lures some jointed some not.  Two in line planers off the sides and flat lines off the back.  Most hits came on the shore side planer board. We were hugging the shore line the entire time.  15-20 foot max.






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