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Lake Trolls/Cow Bells


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What you might want to consider is to buy some of the light weight Hammerhead cowbells which have much less drag in the water and then purchase some of the copper colored prism tape that one of the guys sells on here and make them into copper colored cowbells. A lot less work and possibly superior results :)

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Hey that’s one hell of a smart idea Les!!  Never even gave that a thought:thinking: I guess if you have a head on your shoulders and don’t use it, you might as well have an ass on both ends.:lol:

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Sarge I've never run cowbells before so I'm not completely sure of the actual size of them from the picture they look like 3-4" from my guess. Barlow's Tackle is a company I have ordered bass stuff from. I looked the had a economy hammered willow blade size 8 (3.75" long) 10 blades for $13. Again I have no idea if these would work or not but price seemed ok. Good luck with the DIY.

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