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Crazy Yankee Sportfishing - 4th Lake Ontario trip for 2018

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Toughest day of the year, but we managed a hand full. Couple nice ones too! Finding the right color was crucial, and we ran quite a bit to find it. When we found it the bites came. It was half downriggers/divers and half flat lines for us. Team Dreamweaver Chilly Willy and Caramel Dolphin Super Slims took our best fish on our Cannon downriggers and Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers. Bay Rat Lures that went were Black Flash, Mustard, and a new custom we we're testing behind Off Shore Tackle Company in-line planer boards.


Only two fish we're picture worthy. Tomorrow's another day.....



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Looks great!
I am just about green with envy.
Please do leave some of those beauties for the rest of us and please do post that you caught them 5 miles off shore in your secret honey hole

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