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Sold / Closed (SOLD) Lots Bombers, Yozuri, Rebel, Smithwick, Thunderstick

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I have 4 lots for Sale: 

(SOLD) Is 7 YO-URI.F Crystals. 1 is 3 1/4" long, 1 is 3 1/2" long, 5 are 401/2" long. The 2 bottom ones rattle. All are in un-used condition.$ 30.00 + Shipping. Shipped yo US only.

(SOLD) Is 14 3 1/2" Stickbaits. 1 is a SWICK ROGUE, 13 are REBEL'S, All are approximately 25 years old and are in good condition. They caught a lot of Browns 25 yrs. ago and Still will today. $ 25.00 + Shipping. Shipped in US only.

(SOLD) - is 10 Stickbaits. All are 4 1/2" long. 6- are  BOMBERS, 1- THUNDERSTICK, 2- REBEL's, 1 SMITHWICK. Some are in used condition. Some are very good condition. $30.00 + Shipping. Shipping in US only.

(SOLD) - 14 Stickbaits. All are REBEL 3 1/2" long, All are in good condition. They are 25 years old and caught a lot of browns 25 yrs. ago and still will today. $25.00 + Shipping. Shipped in US only.





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