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kayak fishing

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Normal times to catch the morning and evening bites. In the summer, from 5-9 am and from 5-9 pm seems about right.


If you mean time of year, now's good with the right safety equipment and clothing. Trolling a fly rod in the Finger Lakes is very productive in March. There's no way you'd catch me on Lake Ontario this time of year though...but I bet there's guys who do it.

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I'm planning on getting the yak out the next few weeks, and will probably be on the water before April 1st 


Always always always have the right safety equipment when you're in a yak - Although the "120 degrees" rule is is a good guideline, you really need to take into consideration the water temperatures and dress accordingly - no matter your skills or comfort level in a yak, you need to be prepared for immersion.   


**A  PFD is mandatory Nov 1 - May 1 in NYS ** 


My personal guidelines on how I dress based on water temperatures

< 60 ° Dry suit with appropriate layers underneath

60-70 ° frog tog waders with top appropriate for air temps 

> 70 ° shorts / lightweight pants with top appropriate for air temps 


Any time I'm kayaking alone, the PFD is on me, with a whistle attached.  I kayak alone a lot of times, and on lakes like Candice and Hemlock you really need to be self-sufficient if you do happen to go into the drink -  I don't go overkill with safety gear, but I'm definitely prepared if something goes bad.  It pains me to see some of the recreational kayak noobies on these lakes go out in the spring when the air is 70 ° and the water is only 40 ° with no thought to what can happen.  Especially when they take the PFD (still wrapped in the factory plastic) and stuff it in the dry well instead of wearing it. 


I've personally had 2 close calls in my life with cold water immersion, and being in the fire service for ~30 years, been involved in several rescues and unfortunately a few recoveries, so I am a bit cautious - but rightly so; I want to be around next week and next year for my wife and kids. 




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Immersion suits are very expensive, but a great investment if you're going to do this routinely this time of year. Simply look online...I don't know local availability.


I may be mistaken, but I think that pfd are required to be worn at all times in a kayak, summer included. Nobody does, and I may not myself on occasion. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

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