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Seneca Seneca Lake National Lake Trout Derby $10,000 1st

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2 minutes ago, Heath said:

Yes on the cover I see that now
They are considering stivers marina the Geneva weigh station

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yes sir Bob Stivers is president of the finger lakes sports o rama , so it looks like he is letting the marina be the head weight in station . witch is a good thing as the city of geneva isn't giving out the warm fuzzy feeling . but i'm sure they don.t  mine the money the ramp will bring in for them.....

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 I Really hope they get a decent turnout as this derby is a special weekend for a lot of people and it will be shame if it ever went away.  I understand the frustration of the poor fishing especially for those bringing their kids. For me personally I don't care if there is only one trout left in the lake, I will be out there fishing just as hard.                                                                                                                           I know the topic of whats wrong with the fishing on Seneca has bean beat to death on here but I am becoming more and more convinced of whats going on with the trout/salmon.  The lamprey population is getting out of control.  Literally every trout I catch has one or more lampreys attached or fresh wounds.  I am even seeing bullheads occasionally floating on top with lampreys still attached.  I caught a skinny 3ft lake trout (maybe 12lbs) this past week that had 4 or so big wounds on it.  While it was exciting to see a fish that old alive still it looked pretty weak and beat up.  The consequence of fewer predatory trout is likely the cause of the alewife population increase which has consequences on other species in the lake.  While the DEC should already be well aware of this issue I would encourage us to make it even more well known.

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That is correct Aaron. There is also an option for minor  juveniles that is $10 (5-15 yrs.old) for only the lake trout portion.Otherwise #30 per person for each in the boat.I know I always paid the full shot for my kids and they placed a few times so it was worth doing that way. Got my registration back today:)

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