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Bottom paint


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Probably ablative paint which is designed to wear off like that.Helps prevent a big build up of paint over time. No you do not have to sand and start over. I normally just paint over it from the waterline down to where the side meets the bottom,but not the bottom. Also I paint the stern and a small area on the bow. Pretty much where the sun shines on the hull. Algae usually doesn't grow unless it has sun,so the actual bottom never seems to have growth on it. I use interlux ablative paint, about 90.00 a gallon and it takes me a few years to go through it with my painting method.

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Depends what you wanna do and what shape it’s in. If it’s starting to come off in big flakes I’d scrape and sand it and start over right. I just did my Trojan in the fall, a lot of work but well worth it

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