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9/6 Big Salmon report

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Fished Saturday with Fishtails and his Son Justin out of the big Salmon, had a great time!

If you ever get a chance fish with them, don’t pass it up.

Went 3 for 5 in the same 80 fow with the colors everyone is catching them on.

Low boat traffic I guess due to the forecast of storms.

Great day on the water!

Thanks for the great time Rod.

You hooked me

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Rick.....It's fishtails buddy.....Fishtails....lol!!

Just messing with ya.....We had a great time fishing with you and thanks again for all the hospitality!! We had a lot of fun, caught some nice fish and parking my truck for the weekend only cost me $186.00 :shock: Justin said he's ready to fish Sandy Hook, but he's cooking the hot dogs.

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Nope....the Ice cream was extra and I'm pretty sure the price went up when I disagreed with the lady on the phone :roll:

If none of this makes sense...I met Rick to go fishing and I left my truck at a very large mall parking lot....in the last row. That was Friday night, and on Sunday morning it was towed :shock: . I got there two hours after they towed it. Guess I can't do that no more.

Heh, did you guys start the PA Phishin Possy without me?

Naaaa...you were alreary up there.... :lol: We should have gotten in touch, it was a last day decision to go actually.

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Got yourself in trouble again didn't you. Maybe next year you'll behave!!

Have to chime in here and second the great times I had fishing with Rod and Justin. This year was awesome and I can't wait till next year, Matt either. I want to wish everyone still fishing good luck.


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Thanks Jeff....I feel privileged to have met you and Matt, Rick and the many great friends I've made through LOU. We're gonna have a great year next season!

Now....why is it I seem to always find the trouble ?....lol

Maybe I don't even want that question answered :lol::lol:

Have a good trip In Colorado Jeff and call me when you're out there....I want some details (and Elk meat)!!

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Wow I'm surprised they towed it! How long were you worried that it was stolen :) I know when I had my car towed up at college, I almost crapped myself thinking it was stolen... but then I saw the handicap sign ... oops.

Rod when are we going for some tuna off jersey ;)


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I was surprised too....never even really gave it much thought. Just can't do the things we used to do anymore I guess....kinda sux. When it was gone...I figured right away it got towed. Who wants to steal an 05 Chevy 3500 van?

Hey Nick....two things. Dave Turner emailed me a couple days ago and said I should have the rods from the Sodus Pro am real soon.

When do ya wanna go? How about the first week of October, I'm sure your fiancée wouldn't mind... :lol::lol::lol: Your not busy....are you ? lol Actually, I'm hoping to slip the boat in Jersey for the month of October if I can find a place I like.

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