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Started early Saturday morning off the college in 125fow. Never marked a fish until we reached 150 fow, which was loaded with bait and fish. After about 20 min. the 350 copper starts screaming. With a rookie up to bat, it was quite a struggle but we managed to land the fish. We then began to troll west. The further west we trolled the less we marked. There were two other boats from the dock trolling the same direction as we were to see if we coudl find fish again. About 8am we started to get back into the fish. When we finished at 12:30 we were 6 for 12, one of the other boats finished 9 for 10, and the other boat ended their day 5 for 8. Riggers 65-105 and dipsies 250-275 on 3 and 210-225 on 2 were hot for us. The other two boats took there fish higher running their riggers 45-75 and their dipsies 175-225 on 3. Best part of the day is that there was only the three of us in that peice of water. Not sure but I believe Billy V ran past us at one point heading east? Many of the other boats from Oswego seemed to start straight out and then headed east. It sure was nice not having to fish in a pack of boats for a change.

Heres a pic of our box at 9:20 with 3 decent kings.


And heres a pic of the last two kings that we boated.


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Nice report, Reese. I always enjoy your posts. Almost as much as talking with you. Sadly, I won't be back till next May. See you next year. Great job on the fish and best of luck for the remainder of the year. Have a safe winter everyone!!!!

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