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The Most Overused Phrases in Musky Fishing Today are....

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Usually when we pack it up for the day someone says "and that's why they're the fish of 10,000 casts"

I fished with Zack on Chautauqua lake and trolled early morning then he said lets try 10,000 cast for 1 musky.... 1st cast I ever took for a musky I got a 38in and my 7th cast got a 40in.
" U got a pic ??? " Forgot to take a pic...
Should have been there yesterday . Are there fish in this lake .

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20161121_203921.thumb.jpg.b1f1389c252c1eafae45b8f03fd964ce.jpg For me it's  "My feet are freezing and my hands are numb". Fishing the Larry early December!

Chipped the boat out of harbor a time or two to get to open water on french bay. Heat lamps in the bilge. Mr heater going under the drop canvas. Love late season muskie fishing!



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