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what line for shore fishing for salmon


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Are you asking about stream fishing the runs?

If so, I use 30# Floro Clear on ABU Garcia Ambassadeur 6000 series reels matched to a 8 to 9.5 foot rod. I like a heavier line for a number of reasons:

1. Get the fish in quickly in crowded streams

2. Land fish quickly without using them up. They survive release better

3. Bust free of line stuck to the bottom

4. Break off fewer fish, leaving fewer orphaned hooks swimming around

5. Lose less main line by sacrificing the leader.

I carry different size flourocarbon leader to suit the water conditions: 12, 15, 20 and 30.

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I personally favor Fireline for peirs. I have donated way to many lures from my bail snapping shut and sending my lure hurdling towards the border. The nice things about the fireline is it cast a mile and you get the benifit of a higher lb test without the diameter increasing. 8 lb fireline is somewhere around 20lb test. If you do deciede on the fireline you will need to put some mono on the reel first to prvent the line from slipping. Fighting these fish with anything less than 15 can stress the fish to exhaustion if you plan on releasing it. That and you will need a heck of a lot of line for the runs that they take in the lake. Just my 2 cents

Good luck Ehh,


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