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Key west 1720


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Since no one replied, Googled it and came up with   www.keywestboatsforum.com  I am sure they will have answered your question on that site. There were also some post located on thehulltruth.com.  From what I read sounds and looks like a nice ride ,the only thing negative I found was the scuppers holes should be plugged when trolling around as they are low to the water line and it has a tendency to back flush. That was on the center console model which I would think has the same hull as the dual. Along with at least a 85 hp to move it along crisply.. It also said the earlier ones were designed for two strokes which weigh less than the 4 your looking at.So the boat may sit low because of the extra weight on the stern,again CC model and the dual may have a different  transom set up or that issue may have been addressed depending on year of boats. Good Luck !

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