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sorry guys im outa here

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geepers Ray.............when I read your subject line I got all beside myself :shock: (what a trick that is). I thought you were leaving LOU `cause you were pi$$ed off at something,...... like `stix not including you in his crew for the Cayuga LOU-All :? (or what ever the name of the tourney is).

After reading it I settled down so I'm OK now in case you were worried. You gots to be careful of post that start like that :$ .

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sting sorry bout that thats what i call planing ahead my wife calls it a sickness whats with her?ok im pumped boat ran better than it did 6 yrs ago34mph with the wind never trimed it out 3ftrs from the south.trolled north for 3 mi nata spun around and in that window us bowhunters call the witching hour all heck broke loose had doubles on twice 4 5 6lbrs lost one then it was over very dark 2 were on ultra with 6 lb test. all big females landlocks jumping like fleas on a dead dog. wish someone took me up on my offer two more rods coulda been crazy.fishfinder was darn near blank running north but as darkness neared it was a different world fish every where looks like the south end is gonna be hot this year. should be out there monday morn,am fishing has about a 4 hr windowsometimes all daywhen the creeks warm 1/2 degree surface temp today 37degrees never droped probe but with the layer of fish marked at 100 to 135 ft im shure thats where the thermocline was today. but those big landlocks dont worry much about temp when there hungry,,,,me gots fresh fish dinner land locks for a couple meals,give a man some beer and he'll fish till its gone somptin like that..ray k

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Hey Ray.

Been confined to Cayuga for years only fished Seneca once and that was at Severene Pt. What other launches are launchable in the winter, What is the condition of the launch at Watkins Glen? Is it private or public.

Stinger :shock: is getting real crotchity in his old age, I might try to talk him into trying something different. He's set in his old age and this time of year we usually have to tow a dock :P with us.

I don't know if Seneca is ready for his vast assortment of lures, he has one that's called "SPARKLE PLENTY" :devil: which has been banned on several lakes!

Ken :P

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