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We made it out for a few hours today.

First trip of the year, ended up 6 for 11.

Mostly clear water on both sides today.


Hot plug was a J9 GFR, it imageproxy.php?img=&key=7e961de8267f286aseems like the orange turns on in clear water for some reason.

It still beats working :)









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Kramer, nice looking fish for sure.
 we saw you guys out there and catch one out in front of the wall.
It was nice to see a few other boats out there.
Hillybiily,  I zoomed it in on the cookie cutter.
Born to fish has a sweet boat and caught more fish, but.......I would prefer to fish on Kramer93's boat. Nice job to both.

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6 minutes ago, thumbburn said:

What docks are in?

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I launched at Captain's Cove. The state launch isn't open yet. Looked like the one at The Black North might have been open, but I'd call first to make sure. 

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