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Painting spoons


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I have made some Musky plugs and used Lifetone or Polytranspar lacquer airbrush paints.  I am a full time taxidermist and used the same paints that I already had on hand for painting fish.  Mckenzie sells the paints as well as any Taxidermy supply.


As far as gloss...  Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze works  (spray can)  I get it from walmart.  about 4 coats. However Envirotex Lite is the absolute most durable.  2 parts that has to be brushed on.  Hope this helps

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I use Createx and a sister company Wicked colors, they are water base but if you mix like 4020 I think is the number it’s a fast drying plus thins some of the opage colors of if painting a nonpourousss you should put a coating of Auto Borne base on before continuing painting and I agree with the above post on the invirotex two part epoxy and paint it on give a shine, and brings out the true colors!!

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