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Wanted WANT: Cuddy Cabin Aluminum Outboard: Sabre, Eagle, Islander, Lund, Sylvan Etc.

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Well after working on both OBs and I/Os as a "professional" for 20 yrs, we'll have to agree to disagree I guess. Nothing to do with manufacturing cost, it's driven by the market all right, ie: what people want to buy. I get "Trade Only"  magazine from "Soundings" exclusively for the industry every month, and sales of big bigger biggest OB boats are going crazy. People buying $350k boats with 4 or 5 300hp outboards are buying them because they want them, not because they are force fed them, I/Os are sittng unsold on dealer lots, but because they've figured out they are better all around: easier to maintain, lighter, more power per pound, easier to change if necessary, better on gas. &c.  Numerous mfr's that were all I/O before are bringing out new O/B models, many offshore makers, plus even Cobalt & Fountain for example, because that's where sales are going. ...TEHO, but I see 30-40yr old outboards still being used all the time, and they are increasingly power of choice for boat makers previously exclusively I/O, for many reasons, but mostly because people want them.

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