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East end lake trout action


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Hey guys, 


I connected with Rob Henry out of the east end and we did a number on some beautiful lake trout! There really was no shortage of action. Boards were firing and riggers were popping all day! 


Coolest part of this day was seeing that fish box in action... I would have never believed that the circulator could keep all those fish alive but damn... those fish swam away fresher than an old spice commercial... both times!




Anyways guys, I hope you all are getting pumped for what ever fishing you are doing this season!


Thanks for checking out the video,



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16 hours ago, Giz9219 said:

Nice video!!!

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Thanks Giz9219

15 hours ago, scobar said:

the second release of fish from above was cool, very different, nice job!

Glad you appreciate that shot Scobar! 

15 hours ago, stoneam2006 said:

Very cool video....

why put them in the box? I assume just to let them recoup a little before release?

What camera is your bow mount? works fantastic

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Thanks Stoneam2006!


boxing the fish allows the fish more time to relax and revive instead of torpedoing and in some cases just going belly up from exhaustion. Rob is the first person ive seen do this and until i saw the fish swim away unharmed, i didnt believe it but i was damned when i saw all the fish swim away healthy and energetic! 

Kings are a different story but Rob was saying he has kept 3 or 4 fish alive at a time and i believe it!


We ran a gopro electrical taped to a mono pod that i stuck into the bow seat mount. Im all about the jimmy rigs lol

14 hours ago, Big Spoon said:

Dude nice vid

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Thanks Big Spoon!

13 hours ago, rusty1034 said:

Nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog.

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changing the game, one wiener at a time hahah

2 hours ago, Todd in NY said:

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Todd in NY!

24 minutes ago, GAMBLER said:


Thanks Gambler!

9 minutes ago, LakerTaker said:

Well done. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks LakerTaker! love the name too haha

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On 06/04/2018 at 11:05 AM, reeleyz said:

Awesome video!

I loved the fish release. I think a fair percentage of trout that are kept actually go to waste anyway.

And who says that lakers aren’t fun to catch!

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13 hours ago, Landshark said:

Enjoyable video, thanks


12 hours ago, Nick84 said:

Great video. Thanks for sharing


10 hours ago, ryanrobb52 said:

That was a great vid. Nice work

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6 hours ago, Sparky said:

Nice video!!!:yes::yes:

Thanks guys! glad you enjoyed!

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