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for sale : usa Spins/flashers flies sushi flies meatrigs

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Lot 1 $140.00

8" 7 spins, 7 flashers some uv/some SG some echip, 5 trolling flies, 2 sushi fly rigs, 2 meat rigs, flasher/spin box included

flies are: crazy ****, pro/am glow, UV lime/lemon with green Krinkle, 42 second glow, UV/glow wonderbread

sushi flies are : green/glow, baby blue/Aqua glow

meatrigs are tournament tied: glow purple with mirage/purple uv teasers, blue glow with mirage/ blue teasers



Lot 2 $140

8" 8 spins 6 flashers some uv some SG some echip, 5 flies, 2 sushi fly rigs, 2 meat rigs. Flasher/spin box included

flies are glow flash 42second, UV yellow/white/silver, UV lime/blue bubble, hammer, ULTRA UV mirage, 

sushi fly are Aqua, glow pro/am

meatrigs are tournament tied: glow white green dot white/green glow teases, glow frog with green glow teasers



thanks For looking

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