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Cool Musky story leads to reproduction mount

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I just got my reproduction mount back from Rick Lax in Wisc. He does really nice work. This fish was my favorite fish story of all time for me in 55 yrs of fishing. It went something like this:

Last June my Son had just got out of the Army as an Apache Pilot for 8 yrs. We hadn't fished much together since he was in the Army so we met in Minnesota to do some fishing. We went to Leech lake. Long story shortened, I was casting for Muskies and he was fishing for Walleyes at a reef that looked really good. All I had was 2 follows that day and he was getting some nice Walleyes. We drifted off the reef and it got deep, maybe 30 feet or so. At the end of the drift he said, lets take another pass through there. I agreed and put my musky rod down and picked up my Walleye rod so we could troll back to the start. I was using a Bagley Balsa diving shad bait in Chartreuse and Orange. Shortly after I got a fish on my Walleye rod (12 lb test and micro wire leader) and it felt like a small walleye, nothing special. As I was reeling it in, it went heavy and I said "this is not the same fish I just had". My Son thought I was nuts. Sure enough line started ripping off my Ambassedeur 6501c. Out in the distance this huge musky surfaces and then jumps clean out of the water. I got it up to the boat at least 4-5 times before it ripped drag back out and I had to start over. It got near the boat and came clean out of the water and we could see it had about an 18" Pike in its mouth that I had caught. I thought it was a Walleye at first but it turned out to be a Pike. Somehow the Bagley Shad hooked the Musky when he hit the Pike and he was hooked in the mouth. After 2 close misses on the net job by my Son, he finally nets it after an epic fight on my Walleye rod. As soon as he brought it into the boat, the plastic lip on the Bagley pulled out of the balsa body. Another run and it would of been gone. Anyways we measured 52" and were both shaking like a leaf. Best part about it was my Son was the net man! What a reunion. A fish story I will never forget and one that didn't get away. The fish was released. I had a reproduction mount done and the pics are below. The good lord was looking over. BP






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Well there's not much more I can say that hasnt been already said. Father and son times are priceless without a fish of a lifetime. Especially when its a joint effort to bring this monster to the net and in the net!!. My story is very close to yours but mine got away. It still comes up in conversation, but dads not with me anymore. You will have many years to share your story with others. Congrats to you guys and that mount is a stunning piece of art for sure!!! 

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On 5/22/2018 at 8:10 PM, whaler1 said:

Id have been happy to catch the pike!


:yes: :yes: :rock:!!! How bout it. That had to a adrenaline rush for sure!!!

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