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Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday

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It's that time of year again! It's time to get on board for the memorial day big fish Friday.


What day you ask?


Well Friday, May 25th, 2018.


Where? Sampson state park

6096 ny 96a

Romulus NY




Winner take all! (Minus permit/ insurance costs)



More boats, more money! You're going to be out fishing regardless, why not enter. It only takes one, plus if you get the "one" a day early, you'll still get a high five and a few bucks.



Fishing starts at 5 am and weigh-in will be at 4 PM.


Trout and Landlocked Salmon only.


Seneca Lake only.


Trolling? No problem


Drifting? No problem



Location of weigh in TBA(pending park approval, the pavilion)



Contact me to sign up on here or at my cell, 607-426-5919



Nick 20170619_101253.thumb.jpg.09336b03e4784a7076cd4b01fa88e416.jpg


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Updated boats:

1. Reel Stories

2. Never ends- Cole Rosen

3. Seneca meatball- Luke Smith

4. Grumpy Cat-Butch

5. Hop- Gary Hoppy

6. Cdgn Troller- Brett

7. Seneca Slammer

8. FLX troller- Dan

9. Triple Deuce- Jermey Smith

10. Fishstix

11. Great Lakes Lure- jason oakes

12. Filthy Liar- Pat P

13. OB1- joe O'Brien

14. All Day Long

15. Spoons n Tunes- Jim Albert

16. Quality Time- Wes Foley

17. R. Woody

18. Dan Hendee

19. Kevin Brown just us

20. Backlash

21. John E

22. Chad ward

 23. Blue ghost











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sounds fun!!

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Nick, I'm gonna toss you a ( slow) curve. I reluently admit I'm a senior and want to save myself for the derby. I will be fishing a max of 3 hours Friday. I would be happy to throw in the entry fee for Friday if I could scoot in and weigh a fish ( and leave it) if I caught one in the morning. If one fisherman who is entered would object it would not happen and would be a dead issue. Absolutely no hard feelings if you don't want the extra hassel. Thanks. Hop

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If we don't get more interest in the next 2 weeks, I will be cancelling the BFF.

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Nick, count me in. If I get lucky and get a decent one in the morning I'll put it in a cooler and drive down at weigh in time. Your contest is too cool to go by the wayside. Please PM me your name and address, and I'll send a check or cash, whichever works best. Thanks. Come on guys and gals, get in this!

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Put me in coach. Im ready to play...  Well almost. All I have to do is got to do is ....Respool the reels,check the swivels,make sure new fishfinder works,sharpen hooks. retie wire setups.hope new GPS chip is accurate.get new safety flares,figure out why trailer brakes quit working, replace a couple trailer lamps.change oil in both motors ,install new water pump in main motor,big motor gets a new timing belt also,install washdown pump,Get trailer registered,Make sure both motors start before going to the lake.Batteries could use a good charge,install new furuno transducer,and check the air in the tires a we will be all set.

Im sure the way the weather has been other guys are in the same shape Im in.

There are probably a few items I forgot to mention.

I usually fish the Barney Bear derby the weekend before but I have a wedding to go to.

I should probably add' keep wife happy' to list.



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