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Ontario Eyes!!!

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2 of my buddies and I decided to try chasing the big eyes again saturday out of my boat. We had a nice little chop for most of the morning and fishing was good. Took fish from 7-12 lbs. Once we lost our wind we lost our decent fishing. Here are some pics and a video from some of the eyes we took. I don't get into too much detail about the fishing locations and specifics in order to keep those who fish it regularly happy. As many of you know the fishery up that way is a little tight lipped and I respect that. It was nice seeing only 4 boats the entire day.

Here is a short video where we explain the basics!!!








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Mike.. Nice job and neat video! I've been trying to get up there all sumer but never made it.. only hit Erie twice! Going to Black Lake next weekend and just may have to stop on my way back for a day or two after seeing those pictures :D Won't be too long and "my" river will be starting.. see you there. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

Hey Rogue.. How ya been?

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those eyes look like they eat well,same story as a previous post always meanin to go up there but unless your shown the ropes once its tough fishing,not to mention a little expensive.ive tried what your doin a half dozen times ,but without the planer boards,usin dipsy divers instead,should i invest in planner boards??congrats and so long 4 now.john

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Doing well, hope your healthy and getting ready for this years eyes on the River.....with any luck, I'll see you there on the water. Its gonna be a drag having to buy a non-residents license though, but thats the way it is.

pray for rain, this way we don't lose that first push of fish late October there.

Saw that you took a real nice eye last year in my "secret spot".


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