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Youth weekend

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I got a call last night from a buddy who has a kid to take out in the morning and asked if I could call for them ... I'm in . My buddy put 2 long beards to bed and said it was going to be a easy quick hunt. I've heard that before.

So we get out to the spot and sneak into probably a 100 yards on top of a ridge , I sat back 40 yards . He's roosted halfway down the hill. He was gobbling hot on the roost. I did a fly down call and he flew down and was strutting on top of the ridge at 80 yards. I then scratch the leaves and called . He gobbled his head off coming in searching and the next thing I hear is bang and the turkey running away.

The next spot we go to we get a turkey gobbling. We circled all the way around him and move in to his direction calling as we are walking trying to get in his bubble again cuz he went quiet. He then gobbles at 80 yards away in the hardwoods and we sit down. He comes into about 50 yards full strut in the wide open. I didn't want him to miss again so we waited. He skirted right around us . Now that's 1 is over.

We drive around to another spot and a turkey is full strut in a lady's front yard then walks around the barn. We get out and ask for permission and the lady says go right on ahead have at it. So we went around the barn . The turkey was out in the field strutting with a hen. I then called and he answers. I tell the youngster to get in the barn , a run down barn with boards missing and holes all over perfect to hunt turkeys out of. I tell him to get ready he might come back this way. I call again and 2 gobblers answer in the other direction but coming right in on a string. The rest is history.IMG_20180421_092213.jpgIMG_20180421_102258.jpgIMG_20180421_105938.jpg


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Nice job plucking that bird. Most would have just breasted him out.

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