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Deer Stranded on Ice Patch on Lake Ontario


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Well, it was a good thing I had a hunting AND fishing license for that one! I actually bagged him with a 3 guage snowball(7th round) when he jumped off the ice island and did the bUck stroke to shore.

PS SKIENER I told the local media I was from the CANADIEN HUNTING P.E.T.A. and not to worry when the deer came up missing.

Canadien hunting P.E.T.A.




A.aaaaa Canadien salute



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Well, that explains the chopper flying from my house to Braddocks and then to Hamlin area and back. It's nice to live on the lake, but there is a lot of drama out there. Sometimes I find myself rubbernecking til the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for the info, I don't get a newspaper here. Steve....

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