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Targeting Browns in 20+ FOW

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First year trolling for Browns and we’ve we’ve been having some luck in the shallower depths (5-15 FOW) running Flat Line Mono rods off of Planer boards with spoons and stick baits. What about when you start moving out deeper say, 20+ feet, are guys still running flat lines or are you now adding weight to your rods or perhaps using segmented leadcore rods?

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I've used snap weights with some success. I've used 1 oz with sticks off planer boards when I'm 20-25 feet deep.
Adjust weight for depth.
Sometimes a large split shot or one of those rubber core weights can be added to the spread to cover different depths.
So if your using the same set back with the same lure but different weights and get bit . Adjust to what's bit.

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Depending on speed 1/2-2oz egg sinkers or trolling sinkers.. rapala shad raps jointed in sizes 5&7 that dive 10-15ft.. running egg sinkers with spoons.. get your mono put egg sinker on and tie a swivel then as 8-10ft florocarbon leader and swivel with a spoon/shallow diving plug anything deeper then 25ft I pull out slide divers,lead cores and down riggers

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