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Launched out of Mexico around 10:30 Saturday morning and headed west, setting up at the "A" frame.  Didn't move a rod until we got a little West of the plant. Water temp prior to the plant was 42-44 degrees in the 15-20 fow range.  Once we got west of the plant, water temp jumped to 53-55 degrees in 20-30 fow and the fishing turned on.  Ended up 5 for 8, with one cookie cutter and 4 quality browns.  3 fish came off the riggers on spoons, 2 off the boards on sticks. Anything green uv or glow seemed to be our best baits.  Turned out to be a pretty good shakedown run for us.  Hope the fishing continues to be good throughout the Eastern basin this year.

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I was a bit west of the plant last week when the Coast Guard came to check a boat that was inside where the bouy line would be.  The bouys were not out but he would definitely have been within them.  I was about 1/4 mile away.  After a long time with him, they came and did a safety checkhart on me.  All was OK and they were completely professional.

With such a large rise in temp, you may have been too close.

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