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Seneca 4/28-29

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Snuck out for a couple hours Saturday morning with the wife.
Fished a different area from last week, could not get the fish to move. They followed plenty but wouldn't bite. Started trolling aimlessly until I found active fish.
No spoon bites today. No silvers. Marked them and saw splashing on the surface, assuming they are bows and browns and Atlantic's.
All fish came on Gambler rigs. Had a certain area where just as quick as you could reset, fish on.
I will try to snapshot a photo of the video I took of another big one I got Saturday. Released for another day.
Sunday, managed to get out with a couple lou guys. We target silvers for a few hours, nothing to show for it in the snow and wind, managed a couple Lakers as well just to beat the skunk.
Hope the warm weather gets us some warming waters ASAP. Looking forward to some silver fish action.
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Thanks for the reports. Putting the boat in at Sampson this weekend, maybe I'll see ya out there. What size of the gambler rigs do you normally run? I've been tying up my own spin n glo rigs to run behind cowbells. End up with 90% of my fish on those.

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I run the micros up to his mags. I love every color he has. Some days some colors are better than others. Can't go wrong with the silver glow and the like.

Let the fish tell you what they want. If you run mags, you will have noticeably less bites but better quality fish. The micros will produce as many 2 to 3 lbs fish as you want with a big boy taking the snack too.

Don't be afraid to run the rigs fast, then slow them down after 10 minutes. Then 10 minutes later speed it up. Figure out what speed they react to more. Driving the boat like you don't know what you're doing may help.


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