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Kevin J Legg

Coyote attacks my downed turkey

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Just when I was considering leaving due to wind and rain I saw 3 turkeys at far end of the field. Looked to my right and there were 2 more much closer closing on my decoy.

Two came right in and I shot one but other two birds kept coming my way so I stayed in the blind not wanting to spook the other birds. Immediately after I took this photo, a coyote appeared and ran up and grabbed my turkey and started dragging it away! I had to shout and move to get it to drop the bird. I almost shot it but was trying to get a video. The other birds spooked so now the field was empty. Wish I could have videoed the whole thing or shot the coyote but what a story to tell.




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That's crazy, the females are getting ready to drop their pups so I'm guessing it might have been a hungry female looking for an easy meal. EIther way must have been neat to see.

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I've had a fox actually attack a decoy once, and have had coyotes circle around me and my decoys before. 


Never had either go after a downed bird.  Defiantly a cool encounter.


Congrats on the bird - work responsibilities have prevented me from getting out yet.

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