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OAK - 9/20 - pics added

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Got a much later start than anticipated ands didn't get on the water until 8:30. Found many boats right out in front , some slightly East, and some slightly West, working depths out to 100fow or so. We (first timer and myself) opted to go East away from the pack working 60-80fow. Picked up a skipper on a dipsey, 110' out with an Stinger NBK on a 7' lead. Nothing more on the East troll. Turned back West, and soon picked up a screamer on a Mag custom Pirate spoon down 70 over 90. Took an initial 300' run and a few more small runs and we finally landed a nice 25+lb king - very silver! Next fish was a nice 6-7lb steelie that came on a silver/blue j-plug down 60 over 100. We then doubled on a set of dark kings in the low teens. Quite the "chinese fire drill" with these two fish, bumpy conditions, and a first timer on board!! Lots of fun though!! First fish netted had an 18' lamprey on it that went back in pieces. That was it for us and pulled lines at noon. Tried to get the pics off my phone to post, but I'm an idiot when it comes to that. Will get help later hopefully.

Got help!





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