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Greetings! Im new here, but not so new to fishing. I was norn and raised in Ithaca, and have always been a casual fisher. Moved back after living down south for 15 years in 2011, amd caught the trout bug the next year. My favorite spot is Taughannock because I can take the kids and they can swim while I can fish. Ive met tons of awesome people who have always been enthusiastic about giving me tips. Im one of the only females I see that are seriously fishing, and that's just sad. (Ladies, we gotta get out on the water more!). I fish all over the place now, so if you see me- stop by and swap a story or 2. Im kinda hard to miss- just look for "the tall, black girl" who actually looks like she knows what she's doing. :D

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Welcome :lol:  Good introduction:) I think you will enjoy it here and I know there are others on here that fish right where you do. It is on and off there but try some egg sacks on bottom as well as sawbellies as the trout and salmon cruise around in there and when they are in it can be a blast. It can also be productive to fish bait with slip bobbers right there and perhaps jig with another rod to draw fish in to the baited rods from nearby. Good luck.

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